Monthly Portfolio Review - December 2020

In this weeks edition, I will be reviewing the performance of my own portfolio for December 2020. I will detail all of the transactions I have made, analyse the current allocation and compare the performance versus the market.


Dividends received

This month I received dividends from the following companies:

  • Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) - Quarterly dividend - $1.01 per share

  • Microsoft ($MSFT) - Quarterly dividend - $0.56 per share

  • Realty Income ($O) - Monthly dividend - $0.23 per share

  • Brookfield Renewable Corporation ($BEPC) - Quarterly dividend - $0.43 per share

My policy is to reinvest all dividends received back into my portfolio.


This month I added to my positions in the following companies:

  • Fiverr ($FVRR)

  • Realty Income ($O)

  • Shopify ($SHOP)

  • Square ($SQ)

In addition, I opened a starter position in Futu Holdings ($FUTU). This company operates in the financial services industry offering an online brokerage and trading platform in Hong Kong and China. Futu benefits from two main tail winds in my mind; the rise of the retail investor and an increasing affluent middle class demographic in Asia especially China.

In addition to its brokerage platform, Futu enables users to get all of the latest news on stocks and has integrated social media to create a network centred around its users tapping into the community effect. The company has experienced significant growth with revenue in Q3 2020 up 272% year-over-year. While very much in its early days, the initial signs are promising.


Portfolio by current market value weighting

Portfolio by sector weighting


December was a period of consolidation for my portfolio in terms of investing returns

  • Monthly: -1.4% vs S&P 3.9%

  • Year-to-date: 33.9% vs S&P 16.0%

Final Words

Overall, I am very satisfied with how my portfolio has closed out its first year. This year was one that was unlike any other and I am very unlikely to earn similar returns next year. I spent the end of this year analysing my portfolio and adding weight to positions that I have high conviction in. I think it is important to zoom out and look at the overall picture of your portfolio, not just the returns on each individual stock.

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