Monthly Portfolio Review - February 2021

In this week's edition, I will be reviewing the performance of my own portfolio for February 2021.  

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This month I received dividends from the following companies:

  • Hasbro ($HAS) - Quarterly dividend - $0.86 per share

  • AbbVie ($ABBV) - Quarterly dividend - $1.30 per share

  • Realty Income ($O) - Monthly dividend - $0.23 per share


This month I sold my positions in Realty Income and Hasbro which equated to 6% of my portfolio. Both disposals were made as a result of a subtle but important change to my investment strategy. You can read the rationale behind this in A Change to My Investment Strategy.


I added to my positions in the following companies:

  • Brookfield Renewable Corporation ($BEPC)

  • Data Dog ($DDOG)

  • Nio ($NIO)

In addition, I opened a new position in Peloton ($PTON).

Peloton is the largest interactive fitness platform in the world, with a community of more than 4.4 million members. They pioneered connected, technology-enabled fitness and the streaming of immersive, instructor-led boutique classes to its members anytime, anywhere. Peloton aims to make fitness entertaining, approachable, effective, and convenient, while fostering social connections that encourage its members to be the best versions of themselves. Peloton covers a variety of fitness and wellness disciplines, including indoor cycling, indoor/outdoor running and walking, bootcamp, yoga, strength training, stretching, and meditation.

For a long time I had been a Peloton sceptic believing it was little more than a “bike with an iPad”. It was only when I dug deeper that I truly began to understand what sets the company apart. Peloton might currently be viewed as just a hardware company but its software and creation of ecosystems to accompany its devices is where its future lies. 

You can check out this thread on Twitter for more information


Portfolio by current market value weighting

Portfolio by sector weighting


  • Monthly: -2.4% vs S&P +2.6%

  • YTD: +2.6% vs S&P +1.5%

  • Since inception June 2020: 36.5%

Final Words

February was a rollercoaster of a month. Half way through the month my portfolio hit a record high of over 60% before falling back down in the final week after the market sell off. I am a long term investor so it is important to not get distracted by the daily, weekly or even monthly price swings.

During times of turbulence it is more important than ever to have an investing strategy that you can stick to. 

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Happy investing

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