Monthly Portfolio Review - June 2021



I added to my positions in the following companies:

  • Brookfield Renewable Corporation ($BEPC)

  • Enthusiast Gaming Holdings ($EGLX)

  • Disney ($DIS)

I didn’t open any new positions this month.


Earnings Roundup

The highlights of earnings released over the past month.

DocuSign reported revenue of $469 million (+58% year-over-year), beating the consensus estimate of $435 million. Net loss was $8 million compared to a loss of $48 million year-over-year. Total customers now exceed 1 million. 


I use Portseido to monitor my portfolio and it has got some nice visuals when it comes to portfolio performance. Portseido calculates the portfolio performance while taking into account the timing of your cash. In addition, it also constructs a hypothetical portfolio using all the cash available as soon as its deposited to buy the S&P. Essentially, we can compare the actual return with the returns we would have received if we bought the S&P instead of a particular stock on the given day.

YTD: 20.42% vs S&P 14.31%, +6.11%

Since inception June 2020: 92.24% vs S&P 39.32%, +52.92%

From March to May my portfolio was underperforming the market but over the past month it has recovered strongly. I did not panic during this period and instead used it as an opportunity to increase my positions in some of my favourite oversold growth stocks.

Final Words

June was one of the more inactive months for me but I continued to dollar cost average. My focus was on value stocks as I looked to rebalance the value and growth weighting in my portfolio. 

In general, I am very happy with how my portfolio has performed throughout the first half of 2021. Mostly importantly the underlying businesses I am invested in are really firing on all cylinders as can be seen from the earnings reports and this is what will ultimately drive portfolio returns in the years ahead.

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