Monthly Portfolio Review - October 2021



I added to my positions in the following companies:

  • Sea Limited ($SE)

  • Innovative Industrial Properties ($IIPR)

  • PayPal ($PYPL)

  • DocuSign ($DOCU)

I didn’t open any new positions this month.


Final Words

At the end of September you will recall that I disposed of Futu Limited reducing my holdings to 23. At the start of October I reinvested the proceeds in Sea Limited. So far this has been a very fruitful decision as Futu is down 41% whilst Sea is up 9%. I can’t say I predicted this would happen but it is always satisfying when a decision you make pays off, even if it's only one month later. Sea is my highest conviction holding and now makes up almost 10% of my portfolio. For any new readers you can read about why I am so bullish on Sea below.

The Wolf of Harcourt Street
Sea Limited Investment Thesis
Sea Limited Ticker: $SE Sector: Communication Services Market Cap: $129.9 billion Overview Sea Limited is a leading global consumer internet company founded in Singapore. Their mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology. The company operates three core businesses across…
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The real big change in my weighting is Cloudflare after its parabolic run rising a whopping 73% in October. At the end of September this was my 9th largest holding at 4.8% and now it's my 3rd largest at 7.5%. I like to let my winners run, Cloudflare is a 6 bagger for me. 

I expect to cut another stock in November as I continue to concentrate my portfolio. Allocating more resources to my best ideas is now one of the mantras of my investing philosophy. There are a couple of front runners in my Tier 4 holdings but the decision is still to be ratified by yours truly. 

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The Wolf of Harcourt Street
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Today’s Newsletter is Proudly Sponsored By Potential Multibaggers From Growth To Value's (@fromvalue) marketplace on Seeking Alpha Shopify at $77? Sea at $54? Cloudflare at $39? The Trade Desk at (a split-adjusted) $19.5? These are just a few of the picks that…
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