Monthly Portfolio Review - Q3 2021

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Hi all,

After a couple of weeks away I am back with another newsletter edition. This monthly portfolio review edition will combine August and September as well as Q3 performance.



Recently I made the decision to begin the process of concentrating my portfolio for a couple of reasons:

  1. Monitoring 24 stocks to the level that I deem necessary takes a lot of time which is a scarce resource for me at the moment

  2. Conviction in some of my stocks is far higher than others and this can lead to “Diworsification

I sold my entire position in Futu Limited $FUTU at the end of September for a 125% gain. I was happy to take the gains made in less than 12 months off the table and given the recent turbulence in China, I am more comfortable having direct exposure only through Nio. At the time of sale Futu was 2.5% of my portfolio. 


I added to my positions in the following companies:

  • Fiverr ($FVRR)

  • Roku ($ROKU)

  • Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ)

  • Nio ($NIO)

  • Abbvie ($ABBV)

  • Square ($SQ)

  • Facebook ($FB)

  • Shopify ($SHOP)

  • Microsoft ($MSFT)

I didn’t open any new position over the past 2 months.



YTD: 3.16% vs S&P 11.74%

Since inception June 2020: 38.42% vs S&P 29.17%

Final Words

September was not a good month for growth stocks. I purposely waited until the end of the month to do most of my buying as funds historically do a lot of selling at the end of Q3 and when funds are selling this always represents a good buying opportunity for the long-term retail investor.

At the end of Q3 I had not deployed the Futu proceeds however yesterday (October 1st) I reinvested the majority of the proceeds in Sea Limited which now equates to over 10% of my portfolio. I now hold 23 stocks and plan to reduce the portfolio size to a maximum of 20 stocks over the coming months.

If you read about my Portfolio Tier System you will see that I have now succeeded in making the 6 Tier 1 companies my 6 largest holdings. 

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Happy investing

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